Our Team!

Michele Ahlman - CEO

Michele Ahlman is CEO of Clear Digital Media, a Texas-based company with offices in Hill Country outside, Austin Texas and Chicago. Clear Digital Media has been providing high-quality, educational content to healthcare providers for almost 10 years. Michele is responsible for leading the development and execution of both long and short-term strategies and partnerships.

With vision, passion, and commitment this privately held, family run, women-owned company creatively, stylishly, and economically transform healthcare waiting rooms into a powerful patient engagement tool.

As CEO and company cheerleader, Michele’s goal is to give people a great waiting room experience that gives patients an opportunity to learn about their health, their clinic, and the latest healthcare trends. She believes that being informed is an essential part of an enjoyable life.

Brad Dodson - Vice President of Sales

Brad Dodson is our Vice President of Sales and all around nice chap. He has a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Marketing Management from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He develops and implements strategic plans for growth across all sales channels with a direct focus on revenues. Brad leads our sales organization, develops and executes action plans for increased market share and profitability and is directly responsible for growth of new and existing clients. He is also constantly tweaking our educational library to appeal to your patients and social media followers!

Brad co-founded CDM with Michele Ahlman (CEO) almost 4 years ago. Just like all other healthcare specialties, hearing professionals face the same issue of educating their patients with a limited amount of time on their hands. Repetition truly is the key to learning. Understanding this drove Brad to build a platform that educated patients before they visit your office.

When Brad is not in the office, he likes to lead an active lifestyle with his family. He also enjoys coaching his daughter’s soccer team, going on yoga retreats with his wife, and challenging himself which keeps him busy and humble.

Brad was born and raised in Johannesburg, South African and spent most childhood vacations on lake Kariba in Zimbabwe (the largest man-made lake by volume in the world) chasing that elusive Tiger Fish. He has bungee jumped off the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia at Victoria Falls. Brad lived in Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia and caught a ferry to work across arguably the most beautiful harbor in the world. Nothing like seeing the Sydney Opera House early in the morning as the sun comes up across the harbor. Stunning… These are just some of his fun facts. He looks forward to meeting you so that the two of you can swap stories!

10 years from now, Brad sees himself managing the leading patient education and experience network in the USA to help hearing professionals form a deeper connection with their patients.

We have a team of tremendous people to manage our clients but Brad has been involved in the onboarding of every new client. He is happy to talk with you whether it’s just to discuss a new idea for a video or if something needs to get done with haste! You can email Brad about these ideas at Brad.Dodson@cleardigitalmedia.net.

Michelle Maher - Vice President of Client Services

Michelle Maher is our Vice President of Client Services here at Clear Digital Media. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders with an DSC_0033emphasis in Deafness Rehabilitation Counseling from Northern Illinois University. Michelle has been a part of CDM since its inception.

Michelle enjoys working with our internal team to ensure all facets of the sales and account management process provide maximum support to our clients.  She’s lucky enough to also work directly with clients explaining our products and services and manage their needs any way she can.

Michelle has a passion for the hearing loss community and has been actively working in the industry for 18 years already, and she can’t imagine that changing.  She anticipates seeing earlier adoption of technology and believes that our work at CDM helps create awareness and informs and empowers individuals to seek solutions that will improve their quality of life.

When not in the office, Michelle and her husband love to cook, explore the great outdoors, grab a cup of coffee out, and hang out with family and friends to have a good laugh.

Michelle is fluent in American Sign Language, and she has climbed Chichen Itza. Her adventurous spirit has also led her to stand at the southernmost tip of the United States, ride a bike 25 miles through downtown Chicago in the middle of the night with 8,000 other riders, and try snowshoeing. She’s ready to plan a big mountain climbing trip!

Michelle is here to assist clients with understanding how HNN and our other services work, and she is part of the team helping to get things up and running.  She will be working on ensuring our processes are so efficient you might not need her!  She is able to assist with any questions about your contract, service, billing, and is also a fan of hearing ideas! You can email Michelle about these issues and ideas at Michelle.Maher@cleardigitalmedia.net.

Abigail Tichler - Patient Experience Product Manager

Abigail Tichler is our Patient Experience Product Manager and is responsible for managing our growing content library for all of our waiting room networks. The CDM library has IMG_3068 - Version 2 (1)grown to over 1000 pieces of content and takes some amazing orchestration to appear as it does on the screen in your waiting room and on your social media. Abigail has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from St. Ambrose University and a Master’s Degree in English from Western Illinois University.

Abigail is responsible for bringing new content ideas to our library and your playlists making sure our programming continues to be a hit with your patients! She is also writing and managing our social media, blog, and newsletter posts.

When Abigail is not in the office, she enjoys reading books and scouring the thrift stores for treasures. She also loves exploring parks and new restaurants.

You would contact Abigail if you need any changes made to your playlist, have any ideas for new custom content, or if you have any questions or concerns about any of the pieces playing on your screen. You can email Abigail about these ideas or issues at Abigail.Tichler@cleardigitalmedia.net.

Alyssa Oglesbee - Video Development Lead

Alyssa Oglesbee is our Video Development Lead. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Biomedical Art from the Cleveland Institute of Art. She designs IMG_0063and creates all of the videos for Clear Digital Media.

Alyssa chose to go into medical media specifically because she had a strong interest in both art and science. She admittedly does not have the patience to teach directly, but feels that educating people about their health is extremely important. Going into the medical media field made Alyssa feel like she was contributing towards medical education in her own way. She chose to go the digital media route because it is such a powerful educational tool. Alyssa considers herself a visual learner, so she can appreciate the impact that digital media has on education. “The beauty of digital media is its ability to reach such a wide audience and tell a broader story than you can get in a static image,” Alyssa says.

Alyssa’s favorite part about working for CDM is that every day is different. She never has a chance to get bored and never feels like she’s doing the same thing twice. She also really enjoys the work environment. We have a really great group of people in our office!

When Alyssa is not in the office, she likes to read, write, draw, go rock climbing, hike, and go camping. She also really enjoys learning new crafts, so when she is able, Alyssa tries to teach herself how to do new things.

You would contact Alyssa any time you have questions about what materials you can send for a video, if you have an idea for a new video, or if you want updates to an existing video. Alyssa takes the materials our clients send us and creates videos around them, therefore any questions pertaining to the creation of a video falls to her. You can email Alyssa about these ideas at Alyssa.Oglesbee@cleardigitalmedia.net.

James Frazier – Multi-Media Designer

James Frazier is our multimedia designer here at Clear Digital Media. He has a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from Illinois State University. James helps to design and create the videos that play on your waiting room screens and on our social media platforms.

James enjoys working for CDM because he knows he is making a positive impact on thousands of peoples’ lives by providing high quality, educational content. His goal is to be an indispensable resource for CDM and our clients. To that end, he always tries to do whatever is required to create a great client experience.

In five years, James sees himself ensuring that the vast CDM social media network continues to provide important, positive information for our clients. In ten years, he plans to be working with the numerous asset developers of CDM to maintain our high standards and move our brand into new markets.

When not in the office, James enjoys hanging out with his children, working on his 1976 ranch home, playing the bass guitar, and exploring the beautiful Texas landscape. James is also a voice-over talent, you can even hear his voice on many of our HNN and KIC videos playing in your waiting room. For the past 2 years, James has been working on a rock opera in his free time. And when he is looking for a more relaxing activity, James enjoys reading historical books. He is always reading at least three books at any given time.


 Nick Strom – Art Director

Nick Strom is our newest Multi-Media Designer. He has an Associates Degree in Graphic/Web Design from Harper College. 

Nick is responsible for anything and everything when it comes to graphic design. He gets his hands on our print materials and our website, as well as our email blasts, SmartFencing Ads, and MDEmails. He has also just begun to explore the world of video creation and editing for our Hearing News Network (HNN) screens.

When asked about his favorite part of working for Clear Digital Media, Nick responded, “No day is the same as the one previous. Getting to work on a variety of projects in a variety of formats and getting to work with a nice bunch of folks are huge perks.”

When Nick is not in the office, he likes to cook and do house renovations. He also enjoys woodworking and riding his motorcycle when the weather is nice. Nick enjoys designing posters and t-shirts in his spare time. In the future, Nick hopes to continue his education and receive his B.A. in either web design or video production.


Kim Schultz – Digital Marketing Support Specialist

Kim Schultz is our Digital Marketing Support Specialist for our unique MDEmail physician referral program. This role also includes deployment of our SmartFencing program, which uses digital ads driven in a GeoFenced area. Kim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Psychology from Northern Illinois University.

Kim has worn many hats when she started at ClearSounds, which is our amplified phone and bluetooth neckloop division. Processing orders and returns while assisting our customer service department has added valuable bench strength to the company. Kim also is the social media content manager for ClearSounds. She brings a high level of detail, organization, and curiosity to Clear Digital Media.

Completing the Fox Valley Marathon in 2012 was a key achievement for Kim as she elevated her mental toughness and defined a new level of commitment. While not in the office, Kim is attending her children’s softball and baseball games across the U.S. She enjoys time at the gym, a strong cup of coffee and gardening.

You would contact Kim if you have any questions about your MDEmails or SmartFencing order. You can reach her at Kim.Schultz@cleardigitalmedia.net.


Mary Williams - General Manager

Mary William is the General Manager and Human Resources Director at Clear Digital Media. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Political Science and French Bio Pic mkwfrom Eastern Illinois University. She selects, supervises, and supports our team while increasing efficiencies, controlling costs, and coordinating efforts of multiple departments. Mary is the glue that keeps the company together and running smoothly.

When Mary is not in the office she enjoys reading, however she is better known around the office for her dedication to her sports teams. She is an avid Chicago Sports fan. In fact, she has attended every Chicago Bears Training camp since 2000! That’s dedication!

If you are interested in joining our great team, please contact Mary at hr@cleardigitalmedia.net.