How This Site Works

What Is SocialVideos2Go?

Creating custom video for your social media or website is both expensive and time-consuming. SocialVideos2Go is a quick and extremely cost-effective way for you to have any Hearing News Network (HNN) piece customized with your logo and contact information and emailed to you for uploading directly to any of your social pages or website.

Purchase a single video or a value package of 5 or 10 videos. Once you’ve placed your order, you can browse our extensive library of video content, make your selection(s), upload your logo and submit your order. Our design team works their magic, and we will email you a link to download your customized video(s) for your use forever!

Easy, professional, highly effective, and extremely affordable!

Standard vs Custom

On this site we offer both standard videos and customized videos at different prices. A standard video will be delivered just as it appears in the preview player, with our logo removed from the bottom corner. And our customized video will require our design team to discuss ideas with you. We will include your clinic’s logo as an intro to the video, and we can add your contact information, promotional information, or special event information to the end of each video. If you are looking for customization beyond this, our design team can schedule a call to discuss your ideas before or after purchasing.

How it Works

Once you arrive at, our homepage will encourage you to search for a keyword or select a category. If you know that you want videos discussing tinnitus for example, it will be faster to use “tinnitus” as your keyword in the search box. However, if you are not exactly sure what type of content you want for your social media, it may be easier to browse a category.

Once you have found a video you are interested in, you now have to choose if you would like this video as is, or if you would like it customized for you clinic. Our standard videos will be delivered to you just as they appear in the preview, without our logo watermarked in the corner. On the other hand, our custom videos will require a consultation between you and our creative team to discuss what kind of information you would like added to the video. With a custom video, we will add your clinic’s logo to the beginning and we will add an informative slide at the end. Typically, clients choose to have their practice’s contact information there; however you can add any text that you would like.

When you have made your selection, click the yellow “Add to Cart” button. When this action is successful, a green check mark will appear under the button. From here, you can choose to keep browsing and add more videos to your cart or check out.
After you click the yellow “Checkout” button, you will be redirected to a new page that shows a summary of your order and information request forms. Please verify that your order is correct and complete the personal and billing information forms. On this page, you will also be asked to upload your clinic logo. This is only if you have chosen to have your videos customized. If you selected standard videos, you can skip that line. Also, you must agree to the terms and conditions of our content before finalizing your purchase.

When you are satisfied with your order and have completed both forms, click the “Purchase” button at the bottom of the screen to submit your order.

Next, you will be redirected to a confirmation page containing your order summary. If you selected standard videos, your purchase will be sent to your provided email address within a week. If you selected customized videos, one of our creative team members will reach out to you to discuss what type of customization you are looking for.

Our design team will work to fulfill your requests and create your custom videos. You will have an opportunity to review the custom videos before they are sent to you to ensure all of your clinic information is correct and you are happy with the final result. Once approved, your custom videos will be emailed to the address you provided.

Don’t Forget!

When you order 5 videos at once, you can use offer code 5PACK to receive 10% off your order! And when you order 10 videos, use code 10PACK to receive 15% off!